DESE Job Registration System

DESE Jobs Management : The purpose of this site is to enable applicants to apply for OPENINGS at the department of electronic systems engineering (DESE). Whenever there are project assistantship and research assistantship openings at the department. It will be advertised and the list of openings will be available at this site. Applicants with appropriate skillset and qualifications are encouraged to apply.


How to REGISTER/APPLY for positions at DESE? Follow the steps below,

  • Click on <"Positions"> menu button to see the list of active positions/openings available at DESE.

  • REGISTER: Click on <"Register/Apply"> menu button. A form dialog box will appear. You will have to fill up the form and select the appropriate JOB that you are interested in. Here you need to upload a PDF version of your curriculum vitae. NOTE: Be careful in entering the form fields. Some of the fields are not editable. Your email ID and mobile number will be used for login after registration process.

  • EDIT DATA: Click on <"Edit Application">. Here you will be required to login. Use your email ID and mobile number to login to your account. Only your name, degree obtained field and the JOB that you are interested can be edited. You can also upload an updated PDF version of your CV if required.


  1. Only ONE job selection is permitted per candidate.
  2. Ensure that you have the minimum qualification for the position.
  3. There will be an interview and a practical test related to the topics given in the respective skillset of the job. You will be intimated with regard to the date of interview and practical test.